X-Ray Machine

X-Ray Machine

Rapiscan 520B

Physical Specifications

Dimensions:Length: 2590mm (102in)
Height: 1345mm (52.95in)*
Width: 840mm (33.10inc)
Tunnel Size:640mm(W) x 430mm(H) (25.2 x 16.93in)
Conveyor Speed:0.22M/Sec (44ft/min)
Conveyor Load:50Kg (110lbs)
Approx. Weight:Net: 560Kg (1232lbs) Gross: 760Kg (1672lbs)

Unit is mounted on heavy duty castors for ease of movement
*Nominal height + 1 inch adjustment


Resolution:38 AWG guaranteed, 40 AWG typical
Penetration: 27mm steel guaranteed, 29mm typical
Material Separation:Low Z, Medium Z, High Z to 0.5 Z accuracy
Monitor:17 inch XVGA colour, high refresh, non flicker
Power:110VAC (+/-) 10% / 50 or 60Hz / 10Amps Max or
220VAC (+/-) 10% / 50 or 60Hz / 5Amps Max

X-Ray Generator

Cooling:Sealed oil bath with forced air
Anode Voltage: 160KV rated, operating @ 140KV
Tube Current:0.7mA typical
Orientation:Vertically Upward

Computer Specifications

Processor Speed:833 MHz Pentium Processor minimum
Memory: 64MB RAM minimum
Video Memory:16MB minimum
Hard Disk Drive:20GB minimum
CD-ROM Drive:40X Max Variable
Floppy Dish:1.44MB

Access to keyboard port and parallel port is provided by means of a lockable access panel on the outside of the machine.

Environmental Requirements

Storage Temperature:-20C to 50C
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity:5 to 95% non-condensing

Health & Safety

All Rapiscan systems comply with applicable international health and safety regulations including USA FDA X-ray systems (Federal Standard 2.1-CFR 1020.40) and Health and Safety at Work Act 1974-section 6, Amended by the Consumer Protection Act 1987. Maximum leakage radiation less than 0.1mR/hr (1p Sv/hr) in contact with outer panels. Film Safety: For ISO 1600/33 DIN, guaranteed up to 10 times exposure to radiation.